The refugees don’t work and take our jobs away


left: If you come to Hungary, you can’t take the Hungarians’ jobs away (gov’t)
right: I’d like to ask for an interpreter (ours)
Not everyone is evil
If you come to Hungary, you have to wait until someone leaves so that we would be as many as we were

No use to tear it, the same poster is under!
Fidesz: death sentance
Two tailed dog party: eternal life
We’ve got money for this!
If you come to Hungary, you can take the Hungarians public jobs away
The migrants eat the jobs
A space station is being built here ( in Felcsút)
A country with one language and one habit is weak and frail
Let’s consultate! Paks2 (our new nuclear power plant we’re building now)? Communist agent files?
left: I come to Hungary not to take your job away (ours)
right: If you come to Hungary you have to respect our laws! (gov’t)
For I was hungry, you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger, you invited me in
(Matt, 25:35, Bible)
If you are the prime minister of Hungary, you’ve got to respect our laws
The law about hate speech and the supposed punishment